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Who Is Cognit?

Cognit is bringing cognitive computing and evidence based decision making to the Middle East and North Africa.

A joint venture between Mubadala Development Company and IBM Watson, Cognit will generate business intelligence and enable every decision maker wishing to bring informed thinking, transformation and disruptive innovation to their industry.

Cognitive computing represents a new era in which systems are able to process information like a human, gaining in value and knowledge over time. IBM Watson can understand natural language, analyze large volumes of unstructured data, respond to complex questions with evidence-based answers, and discover new actionable patterns and insights.

Cognit is creating a broad local ecosystem of partners, entrepreneurs, start-ups and application developers who will apply cognitive computing in new and innovative ways. Professionals in enterprise and consumer services, including health care, financial services, retail, aviation and education markets, will be able to harness new possibilities and solve important business and societal challenges.

Founded in 2015, Cognit - a Mubadala and IBM Watson Company - has the ability to become the cornerstone for economic development in the region and the potential to touch the lives of every citizen in the Middle East and North Africa.

How Watson Works

Watson, the world’s first cognitive system can:

  • Understand unstructured data, through sensing and interaction.
  • Reason about it by generating hypotheses, considering, arguments, and recommendations.
  • Learn from training by experts, from every interaction, and from continually ingesting data. In fact, they never stop learning.

Watson for Clinical Trial Matching

Uncover promising new approaches often unavailable outside of the clinical trial setting.

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Watson for Oncology

Assistance for oncologists to make more informed treatment decisions.

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Watson Discovery Advisor

Speed innovation and discovery by making connections and drawing relationships among massive and disparate data sets.

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Watson Explorer

Access and analyze your structured and unstructured data in a single view to uncover trends, patterns and relationships.

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Watson Engagement Advisor

Transform the way people and organizations interact with the latest evolution of self-service.

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Watson Analytics

Gain insights from a natural language-based predictive and visual analytic tool.

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Watson Curator

Optimize your business information to increase user confidence in Watson responses.

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Watson Developer Cloud

A library of Watson APIs and SDKs that you can use to create Powered by Watson apps.

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About IBM Watson

About IBM Watson


In January 2014, IBM launched IBM Watson, investing $1 billion in a new business unit dedicated to developing and commercializing cloud-delivered cognitive computing technologies. The move signified a strategic shift by IBM to deliver a new class of software, services and apps that improve by learning, and discover insights from massive amounts of data.

The Watson Ecosystem:

Watson is open to the world. Delivered via the cloud, Watson technologies are available to the developer and entrepreneur community as a development platform. This community is now supported by over 350 partners, along with tens of thousands of developers, students, entrepreneurs and other enthusiasts. IBM has also allocated $100 million for venture investments to support this community of start-ups and businesses building cognitive apps powered by Watson. Companies that have received funding include: Welltok, Fluid, Pathway Genomics and Modernizing Medicine.


About Mubadala Investment Company

Mubadala Investment Company is a pioneering global investor, deploying capital with integrity and ingenuity to accelerate economic growth for the long-term benefit of Abu Dhabi. As Abu Dhabi’s leading strategic investment company, Mubadala is active in 13 sectors and more than 30 countries around the world, creating lasting value for our shareholder, the Government of Abu Dhabi.

Our work includes the development of global industrial champions in sectors such as aerospace, ICT, semiconductors, metals & mining and renewable energy, utilities, and the management of diverse financial holdings. We build on legacy expertise in oil and gas to invest across the hydrocarbon spectrum, and enhance the UAE’s growth potential through investments in healthcare, real estate and defense services. Our investment approach prioritizes partnership with best-in-class organizations and a commitment to the highest standards of governance.



Board of Directors

Mr. Mounir Barakat


Mr. Brian Mulada

Board Member

Mr. Mohamed Al Qubaisi

Board Member

Ms. Basma Abu Al Nasr

Board Member

Ms. Deana Korby

Board Member


Ms. Amal Al-Jabri

Ms. Amal Al-Jabri

Chief Executive Officer, Cognit
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Amal Al-Jabri is Chief Executive Officer at Cognit. 

Prior to joining Cognit, Amal was a member of the Information & Communications Technology team within the Mubadala Aerospace & Engineering Services Platform, which she joined in 2007. She played an integral role leading initiatives for various Mubadala assets including the Strata Nationalization Program, business development for various aerospace assets, as well as government initiatives. 

In addition to her work with Mubadala’s ICT portfolio, Amal led the critical educational and learning programs helping create the next generation of Engineering and Technology talent in the UAE. 

Amal Al-Jabri previously served in the UAE Armed Forces as a First Lieutenant in the integrated logistics sector where she managed the design and implementation of the military integrated logistics system.

Amal holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, with a focus in Management Information Systems, from United Arab Emirates University. 

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